MeetnGreetMe, a startup which has created a platform where travelers can get help from locals around the world, together with the Imaguru Startup Hub have a long history of friendship and cooperation.

It was in Imaguru that MeetnGreetMe company was born. Imaguru was the place where the team was formed to create the platform which now can be called a global one.

MeetnGreetMe team has created a p2p platform for finding local assistants. To put it simple, they created a website where people after a thorough verification become MeetnGreeters – local assistants ready to plan the best route in line with your interests, advise the area where to rent accommodation, suggest an authentic and unusual cafe and interesting entertainment.

One of the most unusual requests was from a company of friends from Sweden. They asked a local MeetnGreeter to organize a bachelor party in the heyday of «The Hangover» film. We are sure that they will remember it for a long time!

In addition, MeetnGreetMe has repeatedly helped Imaguru guests to organize events and leisure activities.

In 2016, MeetnGreeters from Minsk assisted the participants of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. They organized a transfer to conferences and excursions around the city, translated into Russian and booked tables in restaurants.

MeetnGreetMe boasts a large number of awards. One of the latest achievements is picking up the United Nations World Summit Award in the «Culture and Tourism» category. Before that, the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama invited CEO MeetnGreetMe Elena Shkarubo to join the SPARK initiative to promote women’s and youth entrepreneurship around the world.

Today, MeetnGreetMe is a fully functioning platform with happy customers, successful deals and verified MeetnGreeters — people who are ready to help you with any questions during your journey while providing an individual approach to your needs and interests. This all is available in more than 270 cities around the world.

But the most important thing is that the users share their hospitality and help travelers. Sometimes it inspires the team even more than they could imagine.

This made us think that we need to reward our community for their help, encourage them to participate in the life of the platform and motivate them to share ideas and go beyond the main role of a MeetnGreeter, revealing other skills and talents.

So in a very natural way we came to the idea of ​​an ecosystem where everyone can realize their full potential and follow their interests at the same time contributing to the growth of MeetnGreetMe service and benefiting from it.

The only obvious solution to these problems for us was the emission of the MeetnGreetMe tokens – WELs (WelcomeCoin).

The emission of MeetnGreetMe tokens became an obvious solution to fuel the ecosystem, reward the MeetnGreetMe community for their help, and make the payment system more simple and transparent. Tokens will motivate participants to take an active part in the life of the platform and will lead to the growth of MeetnGreetMe. They can also be used to access MeetnGreetMe services and partner services at a discount.

The team has already begun pre-sale of WelcomeCoins (WELs) which will last until January 10.

This is not the moment when close relationship between Imaguru and MeetnGreetMe ended.

CEO Elena Shkarubo regularly speaks up at the meetups and conferences organized by Imaguru.

Together with MeetnGreetMe CTO Andrew Gaidukevich, Elena took part in the first international business school in Belarus TechMinsk.

MeetnGreetMe and Imaguru almost simultaneously realized the urgency and relevance of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Imaguru launched the Blockchain School where MeetnGreetMe CTO Andrew Gaidukevich took part. It organizes Blockchain hackathons and meetups where MeetnGreetMe advisor Dmitry Dudin participates as a speaker.

Once again Imaguru showed its support to MeetnGreetMe when agreed to become an official advisor of MeetnGreetMe ICO. That’s why we wish good luck to our friends from MeetnGreetMe and hope they will have much success!

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