Are you interested in blockchain and want to know all about it? Then you would love this event: our incredible partner PixelPlex has organized Hyperledger Meetup supported by the Linux Foundation at Imaguru Startup HUB on February 6th

PixelPlex is a leading product-outsourcing company founded in 2007. They are focused on Blockchain, AI, AR / VR, IoT, Web, Mobile and Game projects. PixelPlex blockchain structure based on Hyperledger —  a multi-project open source collaborative effort hosted by The Linux Foundation, created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Meetup blockchain experts and speakers were:

▪️Alexey Dolgov, co-founder of Delphium Group, who told about blockchain use in large companies and shared the business case of using Hyperledger in IBM Blockchain company.

▪️Viktor Bulik, CTO at PixelPlex and Nikita Latkovich, lead developer at PixelPlex. They showed how digital workflow operates on Hyperledger.

▪️Vitaly Twardowski, partner at SBH Law Offices highlighted the legal aspects of using private blockchain in business. 

▪️Alex Dulub, CEO at PixelPlex, Anton Kulichkin, member of the board of experts of the Distributed Registry Technology Association and Yulia Gushchina, blockchain business development department at PixelPlex — participants of the panel discussion dedicated to blockchain’s future and present.

Invited experts also highlighted the main Hyperledger cases, raised Hyperledger Fabric programming difficulties and discussed the way to solve them, talked about the latest news from the blockchain world and discuss the problems of blockchain business regulation.

The panel discussion, where the experts answered the most intriguing questions from the audience, was the perfect meetup’s conclusion. The participants showed great enthusiasm, there were so many interesting questions and answers so the meetup turned out to be incredibly live and intense.

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