NorthStar Consulting Meetup. Effective B2B Sales

Неформальная встреча со спикерами Management Camp 2017 by HotSalesDay в Минске

19.06.2017 19:00 - 20:30

19:00 - 20:30
Конференц-зал «Forum»

NorthStar Consulting Meetup. Effective B2B Sales

Организатор: Action Plans;

Неформальная встреча со спикерами Management Camp 2017 by HotSalesDay в Минске

19 июня в 19:00 проводим неформальную встречу со спикерами Management Camp 2017 by HotSalesDay в Минске.
Free Entrance для всех желающих, но с обязательной регистрацией.

Встреча проводится на английском языке без перевода.
Также приглашаем на Belarus It Sales Club (BISC) Meeting #14


Тематика встречи:
Effective B2B sales processes. How to increase efficiency in B2B sales?

Продолжительность: 1,5 часа.

Przemyslaw Simon Stanisz
Founder and Partner at NorthStar Consulting
Fourteen years experience in sales and business management. Five years in direct sales and management in the USA; trained and coached hundreds of salespeople and marketers in USA, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Baltics, France, UK and many more.
Co-founder of multiple successful businesses and brands on the European market helping increase sales and marketing efficiency
Active in new technologies and startup communities in Europe and the US, working as a coach and a mentor. Presenter in organizations including Stanford University via the US-Polish Trade Council.
Worked with multiple companies from the smallest startups to top corporations like Deutsche Telekom, Cisco, Google. Enjoys working with tech companies that want to scale abroad and grow their sales.

Erik Wesner
Partner at NorthStar Consulting
Nine years in sales and management with The Southwestern Company, a 160-year-old US publisher.
Over 15,000+ sales calls in career. Set company international division sales record (2006). Experienced sales coach and trainer.
Author of Success Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive (2010), covered in international media including TIME magazine, CNNMoney,, and more.

Imaguru: Бизнес-Клуб/Startup Hub, Минск, Фабрициуса 4
Начало: 19:00

Стоимость участия: Free Entrance, но с обязательной регистрацией

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