Belarus big data user group meet-up #22

First big data in 2017

24.01.2017 18:45 - 21:00

18:45 - 21:00
ул. Фабрициуса, 4

Belarus big data user group meet-up #22

Организатор: Belarus Big Data User Group

First big data in 2017

On the agenda:

18.45 – 19.00 – Welcome Coffee

19.00 – 19.50 – “Machine Learning & Digital Signal Processing: Case Study on Human Movements Identification using Sensors Data”.
Alexander Gedranovich ( Lead Data Scientist) & Dzmitry Markouski(Data Scientist), Rocket

We explore the case where sensors data from gyroscope and accelerometer were processed to detect and identify human movements. A combination of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) methods and machine learning techniques was applied in order to create solid processing pipeline and get nice results.
There were multiple challenges we’d like to discuss: how to reconstruct 3D coordinates without GPS and magnet, how to understand where is the ground using single wearable device, how to find right features for machine learning and much more…

19.50 – 20.10 – Coffee-break

20.10 – 21.00 — “Apache Kafka: A few new words about the old familiar”.
Dmitry Orekhov, Software Engineering Team Leader at EPAM

What new could we say about the good old Kafka? I’m sure we could find a little. Especially, if we’re talking about recent 0.10 release of Kafka introduced new features: Connectors and Streams moved significantly Kafka towards to be a full-pledged Data Routing System.
We’re going to talk about it, and touch a couple of interesting use-cases, which hopefully will change your mind about Kafka as a simple «Distributed Commit Log».

No registration required.
Language is Russian.

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