March 1, 2013 in fact can be considered as TrackDuck Birthday. It was the first day of a hackathon where Eddy Balcikonis (CEO), Evgeny Ivashkevich (CTO) and Anton Shevchenko (СDО) created a team to make a service that would facilitate communication between designers and their customers. TruckDuck team won the hackathon and in more than six months, the guys participated in 13 startup competitions, 11(!) of which they won. Among them there was a competition Startup Sauna Warm Up, organized by IMAGURU Team in Minsk. The victory gave the team a ticket to the famous start-up accelerator Startup Sauna in Helsinki. The team also was trained in accelerator TechMinsk and became the first resident of the IMAGURU Startup Hub.

Today TruckDuck is a successful Belarusian-Lithuanian startup. The President of Lithuania Ms. Dalia Grybauskaite has mentioned TruckDuck among the best startups in Europe at the opening of the International Conference Login.

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