The atmosphere reflects its name. This is the perfect place for negotiations and business meetings


The atmosphere reflects its name. This is the perfect place for negotiations and business meetings


  • Проведение переговоров и встреч
  • Высокоскоростной интернет, ноутбук, колонки, флипчарт

*Количество мест и расположение, которое требуется сообщите при бронировании и к Вашему приезду всё будет стоять на своих местах

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Окончательную стоимость и удобное время проведения Вы можете обсудить с нашими менеджарами Введите свой номер и мы перезвоним в течение 15 минут.

More of our spaces

New and most comfortable room, located on the 3rd floor of Imaguru

  • Up to 300 people
  • From 240 BYN/hour

The largest conference hall at Imaguru for conferences and hackathons of various formats with a large fotowall with one of the best Madrid views - Metropol building on Gran Via 

  • Up to 160 people
  • From 120 BYN/hour

Modern space around a brick accent wall and a lounge area. The charming brick-walled stage is a favorite pitch and press-conference place for startups, investors and bank officials

  • Up to 60 people
  • From 100 BYN/hour

A space for small conversations or large presentations suffused with the spirit of Nordic design and Imaguru collaboration

  • Up to 60 people
  • From 80 BYN/hour

This is the best place for workshops and small meetings.

  • Up to 30 people
  • From 60 BYN/hour

The atmosphere of a European business capital in a comfortable negotiating environment

  • Up to 10 people
  • From 30 BYN/hour

Small meeting Baltic for effective business negotiations and making important decisions

  • Up to 8 people
  • From 20BYN/hour

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