Enjoy our space!

Imaguru has a track record of hosting 500+ events a year

In IMAGURU you can hold events of any scale: conferences, hackathons, workshops, presentations and even corporate parties.

Our professional team will help to organize your event so that your guests are surrounded by attention and care throughout the event.

Our opportunities



  • Личный менеджер
  • Команда технической поддержки
  • Интернет
  • Техническое оборудование


  • Фото/видео съемка
  • Синхронный перевод
  • Прямая трансляция



  • Раздатка в клубе
  • Растяжки
  • Наклейки
  • Брендирование


  • На сайте
  • В соцсетях
  • В рассылке
Все рекламные возможности (наш медиакит)


Для участников конференций, семинаров, тренингов, серьезных деловых переговоров кофе-пауза – это приятный перерыв для нетворкинга и возобновления силы и энергии. Мы возьмем на себя все хлопоты по организации.

Кофе-пауза сет №1

12 BYN/чел.
  • Кофе, чай
  • Сахар
  • Молоко
  • Лимон
  • Печенье с различными начинками
  • Шоколадные конфеты
  • Канапе с колбасой, сыром, оливками
  • Роллы с красной рыбой и крабовым мясом/сэндвичи

Хотите забронировать?

Просто введите свой номер и мы перезвоним в течение 15 минут

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Our rooms

Conference halls

For 160 people


The largest conference hall at Imaguru for conferences and hackathons of various formats with a large fotowall with one of the best Madrid views - Metropol building on Gran Via 

  • Up to 160 people
  • 120 BYN/hour


Modern space around a brick accent wall and a lounge area. The charming brick-walled stage is a favorite pitch and press-conference place for startups, investors and bank officials

  • Up to 60 people
  • 100 BYN/hour


A space for small conversations or large presentations suffused with the spirit of Nordic design and Imaguru collaboration

  • Up to 60 people
  • 80 BYN/hour

Training rooms

For 30 people


This is the best place for workshops and small meetings.

  • Up to 30 people
  • 60 BYN/hour

It's a small room for social events

  • Up to 20 people
  • 40 BYN/hour


A small platform, perfect for seminars and workshops

  • Up to 20 people
  • 40 BYN/hour

Design thinking lab with the necessary tools and creative atmosphere for the birth of creative projects and solutions

  • Up to 20 people
  • 40 BYN/hour

Meeting rooms

For 10 people


The atmosphere of a European business capital in a comfortable negotiating environment

  • Up to 10 people
  • 30 BYN/hour

The atmosphere reflects its name. This is the perfect place for negotiations and business meetings

  • Up to 8 people
  • 20BYN/hour


Small meeting Baltic for effective business negotiations and making important decisions

  • Up to 8 people
  • 20BYN/hour

Our clients


Tiger Optics

Thank you for good work


Thank you, Daria, for professional quality of customer communication and cooperation


We are grateful to Imaguru for efficiency, flexibility and professionalism when planning and holding events

Компания «Максимум»

Attentive staff, all in line with our expectations

Booking room

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