TeenGuru Business Academy

Сultivating an entrepreneurship mind

Who are we?

Business Academy for teens and kids, where they can launch and develop first business projects and startups and acquire necessary knowledge, skills and experience in order to unlock their potential.

What do we teach?

We teach only useful things. We provide knowledge and skills that are necessary to start and develop your own business. We inspire and show how business works in real life context. We generate ideas, build business-models and explore markets. We plan marketing, count finances, learn how to work in a team, how to sell and negotiate. We’re overcoming ourselves. We’re learning to perform. We’re moving forward and evolving.

Интенсивы на каникулах в TeenGuru

Осенние курсы в TeenGuru!

TeenGuru. Business Land: create your business-project

    Success has no age. Build your successful business right now!

    >>> masterclasses of famous entrepreneurs and leading experts in the sphere

    >>> mentoring sessions

    >>> team-work

    >>> educational business-games and quizzes

    >>> office tours

TeenGuru. Startup Home: create your startup

    Success has no age. Build your successful business right now!

    >>> masterclasses of famous entrepreneurs and leading experts in the sphere

    >>> mentoring sessions

    >>> team-work

    >>> educational business-games and quizzes

    >>> office tours

TeenGuru. Super Power: skills for success

    They don’t teach us soft skills at school. But 85% of our future success relies on them!

    >>> trainings with life- and business-coaches

    >>> 30+ useful technics for self-development

    >>> 70% of time - practical trainings

    >>> transformation in 2 weeks after start of the program

How do we teach?

Our way of learning is vivid and exciting. Master-classes, lectures, excursions, constant practice. We give tasks that are never boring, so that eyes will shine and the mind will work.

Who teaches?

Entrepreneurs and marketing managers, investors and business-coaches. More than 100 experts who make deal with real business issues every day. They represent companies products of which we use every day.

Why is it important?

World has never changed so fast. Innovations become out of date very quickly and one easily can be lost in the flows of information. Here in TeenGuru we teach teenagers how to study, filter information, see new prospects and grow. We show them that their passion can be marketable.

Our mentors

  • Vadim Prokopiev

    Famous Belarusian restaurateur, “Bistro de Luxe”, “Tapas Bar” and “Mai Thai” co-owner

  • Sergei Filazapovich

    Creative Director in TDI Group

  • Irina Dubovik


  • Anastasia Khamiankova

    co-founder of BEL.BIZ

  • Alexander Skrabowski

    Businessman, co-founder Social Weekend

  • Kristina Vitushko

    Entrepreneur and public figure

  • Natalia Iskortseva

    HR director TUT.BY

  • Yury Zisser

    Chairman at TUT.BY Belarusian Portal

  • Екатерина Потемкина

    Предприниматель, учредитель консалтинговой компании "Кадры Про-консалт", бизнес-консультант, психолог

  • Anton Kulichkin

    Member of the expert council assosiation “Blockchain Technology Association”, mentor, ICO adviser, business-angel

  • Дарья Ксензова

    Бренд-менеджер в Зубр Капитал

  • Оксана Зарецкая

    Культурный эксперт, руководитель Школы Этикета и Культуры Оксаны Зарецкой

  • Dmitry Matveev

    Head of IP/IT practice Aleinikov&Partners

  • Victor Denisevitch

    Investment Manager in ZUBR Capital company

  • Alexander Chekan

    Chief Executive Officer in TUT.BY

  • Александа Дребезова

    Руководила маркетингом в белорусских стартапах SplitMetrics, GanttPRO и KUKU.io

  • Инесса Полторан

    Советник по торговым и экономическим вопросам, Посольство Великобритании в Минске

  • Александр Хомич

    Управляющий директор в Ассоциация "Образование для будущего"

  • Алексей Филонов

    Юрист в АБ «ВМП Власова, Михель и Партнеры»

  • Марианна Семешко

    Профессиональный медиатор, бизнес-тренер, коуч, игропрактик

  • Alexander Samoilov

    Founder and CEO of the Abiatec group of companies

  • Antonina Seryakova

    Brand Manager of the "Zubr Capital" company

  • Ekaterina Varenikova

    Head of marketing MTBank

  • Egor Miasnikov

    Lead Software Engineer in EPAM Systems

  • Marina Khomich

    HR Manager, Recruiter in Viber

  • Natalia Bahar

    COO & Co-Founder at Red Rock Apps

  • Andrey Tochilin

    Senior Product Manager at the Fitbit company

  • Denis Kondratovich

    Live filters at SayMask.com

  • Vitaly Denisenkov

    Owner, Borovoy Studio

  • Надежда Хаданович

    Адвокат,  Адвокатское бюро «Степановский, Папакуль и партнёры»

  • Дмитрий Дудин

    Почетный гость Бизнес-клуба IMAGURU, известный Fullstack web-developer, teamlead, project manager, speaker, events organiser

  • Алексей Король

    Адвокат,  Адвокатское бюро «Степановский, Папакуль и партнёры»

  • Sergey Kadomsky

    Director of Research and Data Science at Wargaming.net

  • Алексей Купреев

    Cоучредитель группы компаний UFOX, образовательного проекта Rocket, соучредитель академии бега Youcan

  • Алена Попова

    Партнер медиа-проектов Milano Fashion Library, доктор филологии и социальных наук, переводчик.

  • Никита Рождественский

    Эксперт по созданию, развитию и масштабированию бизнеса, предприниматель, ментор проектов, executive-коуч

  • Влад Климовец

    Управляющий партнер smm-агентства Ragoo Media

  • Евгений Котяк

    Автор, редактор и контент-маркетолог с 9-летним опытом, директор Бюро контента

  • Анастасия Бордунова

    Продукт-менеджер в Flo: Smart Period Tracker

What’s the result?

We don’t provide our graduates with a diploma that would help them to enter any university without exams. We provide our graduates with something more important - invaluable knowledge and skills, useful connections, new vision of the world.

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Nella Kazaryan, IT TeenGuru Business course graduate

In reality honestly saying  my life has changed with Imaguru. There were a lot of incredible events and acquaintances. My way of thinking has changed and now I am for sure proactive!

Polina Yankovskaya, TeenGuru. Soft skills graduate

We worked great in a team. We weren't afraid to show ourselves, we've learnt how to set goals and achieve them, I've learnt how to not be afraid of the public, be creative and do something unusual that can change the world!

Natalya Bahar

Mother of TeenGuru Business Academy graduate

My son has been creating his own startup during the whole summer. And he is 15! He has already hired a programmer, a designer and a template designer. TeenGuru has influenced my son a lot.

Maya Slim, TeenGuru Business course graduate

After the first class I wanted the next one straight away: I loved the course from the very beginning. Here you can meet nice and versatile people who give you knowledge that will be helpful in everyday life.

Ekaterina Alhimenko

Mother of IT TeenGuru graduate

Today after her second class in TeenGuru my daughter told me: "I thought that it is almost impossible to create something new or something that you really like but actually everything is possible, you just have to know where to start"

Klim Azarko, TeenGuru. Soft skills graduate

In TeenGuru I liked mentors who found time to come to us and share their experience and "formula of success" and all this is in an interesting format, not like in school.

Saada Slim, TeenGuru Business course graduate

Right here I got a lot of positive emotions. I tried to work on my own project and create it with mentors. There were cool excursions in Belarusian companies and I liked to find out how it all works there.

Yulia Sysoeva
Mother of TeenGuru Business Academy graduate

Nadezhda Putyato and Veronika Beizarova and everyone who was involved in creating new educational programmes in TeenGuru for new generation, thank you very much! The system of education has to evolve and move with the times! Of course basic knowledge is important but everything is changing and approach to education should also change! And you perfectly demonstrate it motivating teenagers to evolve and think about future.

Danik Mihailovsky, TeenGuru. Soft skills graduate

It was interesting to discuss different topics with adults as equals and also I got huge motivation to explore myself.

Anton Rabchonok, IT TeenGuru graduate. Entrepreneurship for teenagers in IT

The programme is designed really well with everything you need to create your own business. Now I have the answers to all the questions that I had at the beginning of the course. I was impressed by the dedication of mentors who shared their personal life experience and stayed after classes to answer all the questions.

Angelina Kochevyh

TeenGuru Business Academy graduate

It was my first course in TeenGuru. And I have never met so many active, smart and interesting people before! The programme is designed in a way that you don't have time to be bored! Speakers and mentors are ready to share knowledge and teach teenagers business, marketing and finances. The amount of the information we got is huge, knowledge is very useful. You can talk a lot about studying process because everything was great but also it all depends on atmosphere that was incredible! I still keep in touch with other students and mentors. Another big thanks to organisers of the course, you are just the best ;) P.S. The place is too cool, it draws you so hard that you don't want to go away!

Marta Savich, TeenGuru.Soft skills graduate

I adore the atmosphere in TeenGuru. From organisers to mentors, how we got along with other students and learnt a lot of interesting and useful information.

Maria Zhogol, TeenGuru Business course graduate

It is interesting that studying at TeenGuru is at the same time very serious just like in the world of grown-ups and extremely fascinating. It differs a lot from school because here I study things that will be very useful. And the format is really cool.

Sergey Divin

CEO of «EPAM Systems» (Belarus) 2001-2015, co-founder IT academy «ШАГ»

If you want to retrain in a decade into a lawn mower of your kid at his house on the islands - send them to this school.

Vlad Leonovich

TeenGuru Business Academy Graduate

Guys, for half of the year I have been surrounded by accomplished people, I have been getting information that I had never got before. These courses gave me the sense of life that I tried to find!

Лиза Быкова

Выпускница TeenGuru Business Academy

I have won Business course in TeenGuru. I would like to thank all mentors and especially Nadya for support, advice and love. I am sure we have bright future!

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