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Creating a new format for IT education

UI/UX Design

  • Study of UX-design. Create application interfaces by Google Material Design guides and the Apple iOS Guide.

Project management in IT

  • Training Agile-methodologies Scrum, Kanban and Lean. Preparing Project Managers for real projects.

Mobile Development

  • Android and iOS app development

Internet marketing

  • Learn Internet marketing from the basics of web-analytics and SEO to developing content plans and specialize in mobile applications marketing

Our approach

Imaguru Coding Academy is a young and dynamic team of Belarusian IT market. This unique training methods, combining the work of teachers in academic schools and professional practitioners. It is only a fashionable and popular direction is an opportunity to gain useful contacts and prestigious job!

Our advantages

  1. Didactic learning system;
  2. Author's techniques;
  3. Modern teaching AIDS and methods;
  4. Integration with IT technologies;
  5. Convenient training schedule;
  6. Excellent location in the centre of the city.

Who should enroll?

Coding Academy students come from a variety of backgrounds, each with different aspirations for how they want to use their skills in programming. If you want a creative, challenging, flexible and in-demand skill - Imaguru Coding Academy is for you!

For beginners

If you have been looking to learn how to code, we can help you get started. Select one of our courses and start building your future with Imaguru Coding Academy.

For advanced

You have learnt basic coding and ready to move on to the advanced stuff. Now is the time to introduce yourself to some advanced coding concepts – like software design, test-driven development, agile development and more. Learn these exciting new concepts at Imaguru!

What you can do after training

at Imaguru Coding Academy

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Our mentors

День, когда каждый может стать программистом

300+ people for 12+ hours will be able to master programming basics. This is the most intensive course in web development, which will begin with the basics of HTML and CSS. Don't worry that you don't know something. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from experts.

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