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Coding Academy

Educational direction of Imaguru Startup HUB. We provide courses of design, marketing, mobile apps’ development and project management. In addition, we organize meetups, master-classes, hackathons and code festivals.

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Design Thinking

Learn to disrupt and change by participating in our corporate course of Design Thinking. The course will help you to innovate collaboratively, and create holistic, sustainable solutions with a human-centered focus. During this one-day’s intensive workshop you will harness the power of Design Thinking.

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We help young people to identify what their passions are and how to develop them. We bring up their unique talents and skills, which are extremely important for becoming an entrepreneur. TeenGuru’s alumni get ready to complete the variety of tasks – necessary tools when starting a company.

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TechMinsk is the first Acceleration Program in Belarus. TechMinsk prepares the next generation of global entrepreneurs and changemakers from Eastern Europe and help them build rapidly growing companies and go global.

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Natalya Bahar

Mother of TeenGuru Business Academy graduate

[:ru]Мой сын все лето занят тем, что делает свой стартап. В 15 лет! Уже сам нанял людей: программиста, дизайнера, верстальщика. TeenGuru очень положительно повлиял на сына.[:en]My son has been creating his own startup during the whole summer. And he is 15! He has already hired a programmer, a designer and a template designer. TeenGuru has influenced my son a lot.[:]

Educational events at IMAGURU
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