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Innovation Strategy Development

If your company is interested in nurturing the innovations and cooperation with innovative technological startups, we will help you to organize this process for you in a highly-effective way. Since 2013, Imaguru has been connecting best startups with successful corporations and helping companies to develop their innovations.

Corporate Innovations

Innovative bootcamp is a week-long program for the in-house innovations development. It includes key employees trainings, innovation development methodology, strategies for creative ideas performance, methods of working with startups. As well as it teaches key trends of startup and venture ecosystems development, explains world technological trends and fundamentals of venture capital investment .

Imaguru’s the first organization which brought design-thinking methodology in Belarus, that was created by the world's leading innovation development center - Stanford University. Together with consultants from SAP (Germany), London School of Economics and University of Management and Economics of Lithuania, we have trained hundreds of Belarusian managers the basics of design thinking in order to teach them how to make new creative business solutions and products. Imaguru operates the only one in Belarus design thinking laboratory which specialists were trained at Stanford University (USA).

The platform that allows to create new products fast, efficient and, what’s most challengeable, in the shortest terms (48 hours). As a result of the hackathon, your corporation receives several new solutions or products, further development and implementation of new innovative solutions. We’re fairly proud and would like to emphasize that the prototype of MSQRD was created at one of Imaguru hackathons. It which was later acquired by Facebook.

We organize individual tours to the best world ecosystems of innovation development, including the Silicon Valley, European countries and the Baltic and Scandinavian regions. We hold meetings in the offices of global technology brands and training seminars. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of innovation development and get acquainted with the best world practices in this field.

Imaguru works with the best Belarusian start-ups and helps talented programmers create innovative products. For your company, we will find an innovative product taking into account your specifics, individual requirements and investment interest.

The latest technological verticals

We work together with companies that represent a wide variety of technological verticals. We were the first ones in Belarus who proclaimed the topic of fintech for the banking sector. Today we’re the pacemakers within the country, we work hard for development of crypto-currencies market. Among our customers are companies from the telecommunications sector, banks, industrial and logistics sector, health and trade enterprises.

  • Platforms of opportunity
  • Internet of Things
  • Fintech & Security
  • Brand & Retail
  • Insurance
  • Health
  • Travel & Hospitality

Major International Events Organization

Since 2011, we’ve been hosted an international initiative in Belarus, which is presented now in more than 150 countries of the world - Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). Over these years, the week has become the largest event for business in Belarus. GEW brings together entrepreneurs and corporations in order to discuss key aspects of business development in Belarus. Within last Week Belarus was visited by experts from more than 25 countries. GEW is held annually in November. Join the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Belarus!

Venture Day is the first international conference dedicated to the development of technological startups and innovations. The conference is held annually in April in English. It unites best technological and entrepreneurial talents from Belarus as well as foreign representatives. Among the speakers and partners of the conference are pacemakers of well-known global brands such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Wargaming, SAP, IBM, TechCrunch and many others.

This is the only event in Belarus where people without special education can develop IT products and websites in less than a day. For many participants this is the first step into programming, and for companies - the search for new talents who see their careers in technology entrepreneurship. Join the unique initiative, which lets anyone to become a programmer.

IT services

Does your company need a technological expertise, a new design solution or new website or any other IT products? We are now in the most dynamic center of technological development and innovative solutions in Belarus - Imaguru. We work nip and tuck with the best innovative startups. We know how to work flexibly, effectively and efficiently. Among our clients are the leading foreign startups and accelerators. We are ready to build any individual solution for the most difficult task and to carry it out in the shortest possible period of time. See our expertise and portfolio.

Great pool of engineers, web and mobile developers

Experience in Delivering Tech Solutions to Startups

Mix of Biz Gurus and Tech Talents

New Approach: Tech Satellite to Accelerator

Large Community of Imaguru Coding Academy Alumnies

Competitive prices

We work 24/7

Multilingual Team


Investors Training

Would you like to develop your investment expertise and invest together with a pool of the best business angels in Belarus and experienced foreign investors? Take part in the investor education program - Imaguru Academy of Business Angels. Let’s invest together!

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Teaching children

Bring your child to the TeenGuru business School! For 9 months, the participants will master the basic elements of doing business, will be able to meet and communicate with more than 20 real professionals, entrepreneurs, top managers, will visit well-known Belarusian companies. And the most important! They will use all the gained knowledge in practice, working on a business plan for their project, which will be presented at the final event for professional business experts.

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Аренда площадок

Стильная и удобная площадка для проведения ваших мероприятий. В IMAGURU вы сможете провести мероприятия любого масштаба: конференции, хакатоны, мастер-классы, презентации и даже корпоративные вечеринки. Наша профессиональная команда поможет организовать ваше мероприятие так, чтобы ваши гости были окружены вниманием и заботой на протяжении всего ивента.

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Реклама на сайте и в клубе

Разместите рекламу своего продукта или компании на сайте Imaguru, а на территории хаба- визитки, лифлеты, баннеры и другую рекламную продукцию, закажите брендирование стен на любое мероприятие или а рамках партнерской программы, и о вас узнают тысячи посетителей Imaguru Startup HUB.

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Корпоративные лагеря

Для каждого корпоративного лагеря ивент-менеджерами Imaguru разрабатывается индивидуальная программа, наполненная полезными и увлекательными мастер-классами и мероприятиями и содержит элементы развития soft skills,а также призвана развивавать корпоративную культуру в рамках новейших IT-тенденций. Форматы могут быть самыми разнообразными: дополнительные занятия в формате семинаров, митапов, круглых столов и дебатов, различных конкурсов или соревнований, выступлений приглашенных экспертов.

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