Belarus Startups 2020 is a detailed analysis of the startups’ resilience at different stages in response to the unprecedented challenges of 2020, as well as startups’ business models and industries. The 2020 crisis caused dramatic shifts in the strategy of many startups both in Belarus and abroad. In Belarus, we can see the impact on startup companies of both the global pandemic and the political crisis in the second half of the year.

Startups are essential to the economic viability of any country. They are among the fastest growing businesses, many of which have the potential to grow into multi- million and multi-billion-dollar businesses, also known as unicorns. There are no unicorns in Belarus yet, however, a number of today’s startups have the potential to become the first Belarusian unicorn in the future.

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What will you find in the 2020 Report?

  • Profile of Belarus Startups
  • Trends in Startup Operations in 2020
  • Current Startup Challenges
  • Volume of Investments
  • Number of Investment Deals
  • Valuation of Startups
  • Investments Needs and Fundraising Plans
  • Aspects Complicating Venture Capital Projects
  • Most Significant Deals in 2020
  • 13 Belarusian Startups to Watch in 2021

Main Findings

This was a make-or-break year for the belarus startup ecosystem.

2020 is a year of unprecedented threats for the future development of the startup ecosystem in Belarus.

Belarusian startup marker has become more mature within the past three years.

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