Imaguru Startup HUB offers support to Belarus violence victims and their families as well as affected startups

It is impossible to create innovative products that change the world in a country where brutal violence is normal and the law is not respected.  Entrepreneurs in Belarus can’t work, live, and feel protected and free. 

Imaguru, a community of free entrepreneurs and tech professionals, stands up together with all those who fight for freedom, dignity, and human rights. We cannot accept violence and disregard for human rights as a new normal in our country. We are committed to providing support, assistance, and advice to affected entrepreneurs, and all victims of the violence and their families. 

We announce IMAGURU SOLIDARITY PROGRAM, a scope of initiatives in 4 areas

  1. Entrepreneurship education
  2. IT education
  3. Legal advice
  4. Psychological assistance

to help

  1. startups who were forced to suspend their work during this difficult period, 
  2. victims of violence and their families, as well as
  3. all those who have lost their jobs or are planning to resign from government agencies, and ready to start in a new profession. 

Learn more about the program scope here.

We are open to new educational, mentoring, and other initiatives from any individuals and companies willing to help and join our solidarity program. If you have an idea for such a project, please let us know, and we will support you and help you launch your program together with Imaguru.

We invite tech minds, developers, and designers, who are ready to help us expand our online products lineup.  We encourage IT mentors to join our initiatives. Please spread the word about these opportunities.


All programs are free to participate.

  1. Create and grow your business with Imaguru.  

1) Programs for Startups

  • Imaguru Marathon for those who want to raise investment. Join #ImaguruMarathon, individual mentoring and coaching, online tracking, for startup companies at the stage of growth and raising investments. Join #ImaguruMarathon here.
  • IMAGURU Startup Lab

Imaguru Startup Lab is an online program from founders and tech professionals, as well as an updated online toolkit for technology-based startup growth. Please register now

2) For those who quit and lost their jobs and want to start up a business

  • IMAGURU Business Start

10-week course for those who want to start their own business, in which participants will learn entrepreneurship basics, create business plans, and receive feedback from well-known business owners and experts. To participate, please fill out the application here.

3) For teenagers

  • TeenGuru

TeenGuru School of Entrepreneurship for Teens will educate teenagers whose families have suffered from violence. The course starts in mid-September. More information here.

II, Education in IT:

1) For those who want to get new skills in IT

  • Starting August 25, for 3 weeks, Imaguru hosts a free course on programming for beginners by Egor Malkevich (TechMinsk graduate). Please follow the link to register. More details are here
  • The Rolling Scopes community of JavaScript programmers will host lectures for beginners in programming. You will be able to get the basics of JavaScript, understand how to grow yourself in the profession. If you would be interested to participate, please indicate in the form, we will separately confirm the day and time.


2) For those who already work in IT

  • A 3-day online course on new trends in design and UI / UX from @Vitaly Friedman, a recognized expert in design, UI / UX in Europe, starts on September 4,5,6. The course is not for beginners, but for those who have experience in design, but participation fees from the course ($ 25 for 3 days) will be transferred to a fund to help victims of the August events in Belarus. Do you want to participate? – Sign up.

Help for mentors:

  • IT education expert @Pavel Veinik, who is already very active with supporting victims, will hold a webinar for mentors from the IT industry to get more people involved. We hope that the pool of mentors will increase and we can help everyone. For those who are interested in such a webinar, please register here. We will separately confirm a convenient time and day.


III. Psychological support:

A group of psychologists will start working in Imaguru starting from Tuesday, August 25. They will work with victims, detainees, and beaten ones, as well as with their families and colleagues. If you need help from psychologists, please check in this form

  1. Legal support:

Our mentors and partners will help in drafting legal documents and advising, for example, upon dismissal, refusal to comply with orders that are contrary to the law, drafting complaints, statements, and other legal documents. If you need legal support, please indicate it in this form.

The list of programs is being updated, please follow the link. 


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