26 June 17:30 - 28 June 21:00

2020 Smart Interface Design Patterns Workshop by Vitaly Friedman

Are you ready for a design challenge? In this series of online workshops, Vitaly Friedman, creative lead behind Smashing Magazine, will be taking a microscopic examination of common components and design patterns in modern interfaces — on desktop and on mobile. *working language Russian

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Created projects


New Ideas

There is nothing better than new fresh ideas from fresh young minds! Any Imaguru hackathon is a generator of innovative ideas which drive the world!

Development of Innovations

Is what helps corporations to stand out from others and compete successfully!


Search for Talents

Hackathons is the best place for attraction of talented motivated professionls - this is your chance to choose the best of them!

How it works

Hackathons at Imaguru usually last for 48 hours non-stop. All starts at Friday evening. Those participants who have concrete ideas in mind - the floor is yours! After pitching the ideas goes division into working teams. Fruitful working process lasts until Sunday morning, when participants with the help of coaches and mentors get ready to present their projects at the Closing Ceremony on Sunday evening.

Open schedule


  • Registration at Reception Desk;
  • Opening Ceremony;
  • Rules Description;
  • Pitching of Ideas;
  • Dinner Time;
  • Teambuilding;
  • Work starts
  • Development of solutions;
  • Task-management;
  • Sleeping hours (always optional).


  • Breakfast;
  • Check-point;
  • Work on projects;
  • Master сlasses;
  • Lunck Time;
  • Check-point;
  • Mentor sessions.
  • Work on projects;
  • Dinner Time;
  • Sleeping.


  • Breakfast;
  • Check-point;
  • Closing remarks of working process;
  • Preparation of Pitches.
  • Presentation of Projects;
  • Final and networking.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities Hackathons is a space where developers, entrepreneurs, designers, professors, researchers and people interested on making of their city a better place, can gather and together, in in order to build solutions that will make our city a more efficient and intelligent place to live.


Fintech Hackathons are concentrated on new trend of Financial Technologies. Perhaps you know how to make creative use of APIs to improve banking services? Or maybe you have a new idea for using transactional, geolocation or social media data for improving customer services? That this type of hackathons is definitely for you!


Legendary hackathons, which were the birthplace for many outstanding Belarusian Startups. MSQRD team was gathered at one of them in November 2015. The mobile application that allows users to change human appearance during video-chats in real time is a great example haw just an idea can turn to profitable success!


Interest in clean technology solutions is booming, from new clean power sources to power conservation, and ways to improve and preserve our environment! We’re hacking cleantech solutions for 48 hours to find new applications and approaches to energy and environmental problems.


This kind of hackathons aim to facilitate cooperation between entrepreneurs, IT-professionals and governmental agencies and create innovative tools to improve customer care in public services.


New innovative technologies can be fairly used for creating new educational products with Gamification elements. Therefore at Imaguru we're always happy to run vibrant GameEdu hackathons!


The biggest Belarus Data Challenge Если вам интересен анализ данных на практике, если вам хочется решать бизнес-задачи с помощью современных технологий анализа данных либо у вас есть доступ к другим технологиям обработки и анализа данных и вы готовы к командной работе , регистрируйтесь на Datathon, который будет проходить в Imaguru.


Climathon - это хакатон, посвященный изменениям климата. Он проходит одновременно в нескольких крупных городах по всему миру. Climathon привлекает инноваторов, предпринимателей, студентов, экологов, дизайнеров, маркетологов, программистов и других специалистов для поиска инновационных решений для проблемы изменения климата в городах.


Blockchain Hackathon приглашает к участию разработчиков, блокчейн-экспертов, маркетологов, бизнес-аналитиков и дизайнеров. За 48 часов участники хакатона должны создать работающий прототип блокчейн-проекта и представить свое решение жюри.

Введите контактную информацию и наш менеджер свяжется с Вами в самое ближайшее время

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