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Bel.biz — is a web-site about business, startups, innovations and education. We write about heroes and trends, that change the world.

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The success story of MSQRD brought glory to the country from the world start-up community, attracted the attention of key experts and leaders of the world startup movement.

Today MSQRD is №1 app in more than 10 countries around the world, and it is used by over 35 million people. A Team of successful entrepreneurs was formed in late November at Imaguru where a promising project MSQRD won Garage48 Hackathon.


IMAGURU is an epic start point for TrackDuck.

TruckDuck is SaaS that allows users to visually comments on "real" websites and images. IMAGURU was a great start for a team of Eddy Balcikonis, Evgeny Ivashkevich and Anton Shevchenko, who met at a hackathon in 2013.

Today TruckDuck is a successful Belarusian-Lithuanian startup. The President of Lithuania Ms. Dalia Grybauskaite has mentioned TruckDuck among the best startups in Europe at the opening of the International Conference Login.


PandaDoc Team among best TechMinsk Alumni.

PandaDoc is a legendary startup founded by Belarusians Mikita Mikado and Sergei Borisyuk.

Service for managing digital docs and signatures PandaDoc has attracted more than 6 million dollars of investment in Silicon Valley. Both cofounders are among most favorite speakers at events in Imaguru, and mentors for Imaguru residents. PandaDoc team members graduated from TechMinsk Accelerator. In July 2015 a company PandaDoc founded by Belarusian programmer and entrepreneur Mikita Mikado and Sergei Borisyuk , which offers a comprehensive solution for document management, announced the closing of round A at $5 million amount of investment. It was among the most successful deals thatBelarusian startups had ever managed to attract.


Infogr.am among Belbiz Battle winners.

International startup competition Belbiz Battle is organized every year during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Startups from over 15 countries have ever participated in it, and there were such leaders of the global startup movement as Marvin Liao (500 Startups), Hrish Lotlikar (Startup Labs), Tak Lo (TechStars), Rick Rasmussen (Concordia Ventures), Burton Lee (Stanford University) among the jury members. Legendary startup from Latvia Infogr.am was among Belbiz Battle runner-ups in 2013.

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We stick all the tech puzzles of your project together in order to accelerate your startup in a short term. While you're working on real business processes, we provide you with our best technical expertise in HTML/CSS, Javascript (vanilla or frameworks), php и node.js, Version Control System, CMS Wordpress, etc.

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In the world practices mentor is a vital part of any startup. While building a pecial startup ecosystem in Imaguru we gathered a great number of mentors here. All of them having a expertise in different technologies, for example blockchain, AR/VR, finances, venture investments, soft skills, etc. Our team is ready to find the mentor for your startup, who will satisfy all the needs.

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We help startups to develop their products by providing them with engineering, design and web-development services. Why us? We stick all the tech puzzles of your project together in order to accelerate your startup in a short term. While you're working on real business processes, we provide you with our best technical expertise.

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