WITW Meetup

Leading Innovation & The Evolution of Technology and Society

28.02.2018 19:00 - 21:00

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19:00 - 21:00

WITW Meetup

Event organizer: IMAGURU Startup HUB

Leading Innovation & The Evolution of Technology and Society

As a part of Women IT Week,  Henna-Sophia Joensuu (Entrepreneur, Consultant in disruptive innovations, Advisor) tell the audience How technologies change the modern society.

We invite innovators, generator of ideas, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

These are the questions Henna-Sophia Joensuu will address in her lecture:

  • How do leading companies such as Tesla, Amazon, and others innovate?
  • Where are society and technology headed?
  • What is the secret to building world-class products, businesses, and ideas that will stay relevant throughout change?
  • How can I think differently and affect change in the world?


Objectives for the event are:

  1. To help attendees understand how technology and society are evolving, and how to build the future.
  2. To give the toolkit to confidently problem-solve and lead in the 21st century.

Henna-Sophia Joensuu is originally from the United States and currently lives in Helsinki, Finland.

She is motivated by the positive impact leadership and technology can have on individuals and societies.

She works with startups, government level/ public sector/ private organizations, influencing the adaptation of emerging technologies and creation of empowered change.

She is also the founder of three recent startups focused on disruptive innovation- Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Geolocation.

Henna-Sophia believes in the potential that exponential technologies have in changing everything we know- the course of our current society, who we are, and how we work. She aims to allow emerging technologies to be understood and adapted by the masses and allow each person to make sense of, explore, and innovate in an age of limitless possibilities.

The event is Free. Registration 



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