TeenGuru. Business Land: create your business-project

Build your business in 4 months at TeenGuru!

18 January 12:00

18 January
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TeenGuru. Business Land: create your business-project

Event organizer: TeenGuru

Build your business in 4 months at TeenGuru!

World has never changed so fast. Innovations become out of date very quickly and one can easily be lost in the flows of information. But only catchy and adventurous one could find a way out from this flows. For example, on its own yacht.

We teach how to study, see new prospects, count money and evolve. We show that passion can be marketable.

“TeenGuru. Business for Teens” starts in March. We have developed it together with the most talented, active and ambitious Belarusian entrepreneurs and business-coaches. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

TeenGuru – it’s > 1300 graduates | > 100 mentors | > 14 programs | > 40 companies-partners | > 70% students back to other our courses

There can be many followers, but Guru is only one – it’s TeenGuru

What do we teach?

We teach how to generate ideas, build business-models, explore markets and analyse competitors. We explain how to count finances, form a team, how to sell and negotiate. Moreover, our mentors are always ready to share their life-hacks of promoting, partnering and doing business.

Course programme

  • Entrepreneur: who is it? Teens will learn about most profitable business spheres in Belarus and its representatives will share their experience.
  • Design-thinking. Workshop based on Stanford searching method of insides that will help teens to solve clients’ problem and create a unique project.
  • Business-model. Teens will learn how to create it and how it can be used, they will find out why 95% of projects fail after 1 year of existence. Students will make business-model of their projects.
  • Basic marketing. Teens will learn how to define a target audience correctly and will know about different methods of promoting. They will create a marketing strategy of their own project.


Students will:

  • Learn in details about SEO and SMM promotion
  • Find out how to create a strong brand. Students will create a brand book of their project.
  • Learn the difference between marketing and PR, think through a PR-campaign for their projects.
  • Study finance. Learn how to count expenses, earnings, income, payback period and profitability of the project. Create a finance plan of their projects.
  • Learn about different types of investments and find out how to attract first investment to their own startups.
  • Absorb different strategies of sale.
  • Study law in business: get to know with types of business entities, types of taxes, process of opening a company, of selling business and opening the franchise.
  • Prepare pitch for the investors.
  • Absorb basics of business English.

Our mentors are always ready to share their knowledge and experience with our students. Our mentors are successful entrepreneurs, directors and business owners, business-coaches and capacity development specialists. Find more in the section “Our Mentors” by the link…


>>> Age: 13-17

>>> Class schedule: Tuesday, Thursday 17:30-19:30

>>> Price: 259 BYN (one month)

>>> Duration: March – May

Education is the best present!  You can get a gift certificate in TeenGuru.

Come with a friend and get 30% discount for the whole programme!


More programmes in TeenGuru, starting in March: TeenGuru. Soft skills 

Do you have any question?+375 (29) 632 39 32

Leave a request and we will call you back!

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