TeenGuru Prework. Tools for a career start

Ready for work! Tools for a successful career start.

27 March 15:00 - 18:30

27 March
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15:00 - 18:30
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TeenGuru Prework. Tools for a career start

Event organizer: Imaguru Startup HUB

Ready for work! Tools for a successful career start.

What was your fist day at work like? Do you remember how you had to learn every little step and how mere ignorance prevented you from proving yourself for all 100%?

We start reflecting about our future job and career since adolescence. In TeenGuru we not only reflect, we preparer ourselves for  future career right  now!

How to write an appropriate formal letter, set up an Excel speadsheets, work out an issue with a boss… We understand that it is very important to be ready to such situations and that’s why we start a course “TeenGuru Prework”!

During these 5 day we will teach you to:

  • make a CV (we will show how to analyse your experience, talents and present them)
  • attend interviews and understand the real point of tricky HR’s questions
  • use main services for work communication (email, google disc etc.)
  • write business correspondence
  • follow basic rules of business etiquette
  • use programmes for organising working process (Trello, Evernote and others)
  • search for internships and volunteer programmes for getting experience
  • know and claim your rights as a young worker


“TeenGuru Prework” will teach everything that is necessary so that one feel confident at their first job and shine from the very first day at work!



TeenGuru – it’s > 1300 graduates | > 100 mentors | > 14 programs | > 40 companies-partners | > 70% students back to other our courses



Time: 15:00 – 18:30

Price: 100 BYN

Age: 14-19

Still have any questions? +37529 120 10 03 (Paulina, paulina@bel.biz)

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