Summer Camp “Become № 1”

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, … Let the next be the name of your child!

10 June 11:00 - 21 June 18:00

10 June - 21 June
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11:00 - 18:00
Fabritsiusa str. 4
270 - 420 BYN

Summer Camp “Become № 1”

Event organizer: TeenGuru

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, … Let the next be the name of your child!

“The man who was lucky – is

The person who did what

Others were only going to do it ”

Igor Mann

In the modern world there is a large number of good professionals, but true professionals can be listed on the fingers. How to become the best in your field, how to succeed, how to become the number 1?

For two weeks, the guys will develop their own algorithm to achieve the goal and get acquainted with the main ways to develop leadership qualities. We will help youngsters  to determine the point at which they are now, and show how to come to the point where the want to be, and therefore achieve their goals and realize the dream.

We will learn:

  • Correctly set goals and achieve them;
  • To achieve results;
  • Competently and beautifully to talk;
  • Develop their creative abilities;
  • Manage your time;
  • Correctly behave in public;
  • Be able to sell their ideas and negotiate.

Summer Camp TeenGuru – these are master classes, excursions to large companies, interactive training, healthy food and a great atmosphere for communication and development of your child!


Costs: program 200 BYN, meals 150 BYN until May 21, program 220 BYN, meals 150 BYN after May 21

Still have questions? +37544 54 88 184 Ms. Veronika

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