Startup Sales LifeHacks

Imaguru invites you to get acquainted with modern sales tools.

30.08.2018 18:00 - 20:00

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18:00 - 20:00
Fabritsiusa str. 4

Startup Sales LifeHacks

Event organizer: Imaguru Startup HUB

Imaguru invites you to get acquainted with modern sales tools.

The meeting will be held within the project “Startup meetup” and will be devoted to the topic “Sales”.

Speaker: Andrei Shaurko, Sales Coach for Startups in Kickoff Sales.

Andrey helps startups at an early stage to attract the first customers to test the hypothesis and setting  the sales process on the terms of outsourcing.

At the meetup Andrey will reveal the following topics:

  • When is it time to start selling and why?
  • The problem of innovation adoption by customers – who should be focused on at an early stage.
  • Working channels to attract the first customers.
  • “Hooks / triggers” to get feedback faster.
  • How to sell without selling?
  • How to form a price correctly?
  • What sales process should aim startup – corporation vs startup.

With the support of USAID Belarus.

The event is free of charge, upon prior registration.

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