Idea Validation and First-Customer Development Workshop

This workshop is designed for founders and it is very hands on.

14.05.2018 13:00 - 17:00

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Date: 14 May
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13:00 - 17:00

Idea Validation and First-Customer Development Workshop

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This workshop is designed for founders and it is very hands on.

This workshop teaches startups how to gather insights from their prospective customers and how to apply these customer findings while developing their products. It is a very hands-on-workshop, that requires interviews in between. Therefore, in order to be able to benefit from this workshop; participants are supposed to participate in both days and conduct several interviews. Workshop content is influenced by Design Thinking methodologies and Y Combinator’s “Make something people want” approach.

This workshop is designed for founders and it is very hands on. Meaning, they will learn by doing, it’s not a conventional listening type of course. Therefore they must have at least a startup idea to test with. They will work in teams and a minimum 2 people required per team. If some participants don’t have an idea, we can combine them with teams that are already working on something.

For some B2B startups or B2Cs with niche audiences, it is rather hard to reach to their personas, so a 2-day break in between the workshops is best. This workshop is great for pre-seed/seed stage startups and early-stage startups find it quite useful too. But for a startup which already found product-market-fit, it does not have much value.

Day 1. (1/2 Days: 4 Hours)
Building a Business Hypothesis
Creating a Persona
Planning for Unbiased Interviews

Day 2-3. Conducting the Interviews

Day 4. (1/2 Days: 5 Hours)
Mapping Customer Insights
Crafting Use Case Scenarios
Defining the MVP
Conducting a Smoke Test
Iterating with Hyper Responsive Buyers

Trainer: Can Saracoglu. As the co-founder and MD of marketing agency Litespell, Can has served leading brands such as: Procter & Gamble’s Gillette, Duracell, Oral-B, Head&Shoulders, Allways (Orkid) and Olay, Kraft’s Milka and Tang, Honda, Henkel’s Pritt, Red Bull, Allianz, Opel, Nokia, The Coca-Cola Company’s Burn, Coca-Cola and Cappy, Kimberly-Clarke’s Huggies, Group SEB’s Rowenta, L’Oréal’s Garnier, Maybelline NY, L’Oréal Elseve and Paris, Microsoft and Nissan. In 2013, Can co-founded String Ventures, a Technology Holding Studio with offices in Istanbul and San Francisco.

The workshop is supported by USAID Belarus

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