Imaguru Startup Residence is a base for startups and corporations of the most valuable opportunities, resources and contacts. We provide coworking, mentors, investors, business community, startup community, startup stars, IT-experts, personal advisors, trainings, consultations and much more!

5+ employees – drop by or call us at

+375 29 1 189 989

IMAGURU is a spirited community of international startups located in Minsk. We are a home-base for teams based in Belarus and teams based elsewhere who want to come to meet our great tech talent.

Pull up a chair, grab a coffee, and join a stimulating work environment with a community of international entrepreneurs.

Imaguru hosts various startups events. Join our community to get access to Imaguru education programs, hackathons, startups competitions, and a network of mentors and investors from around the world.

Work hard, party harder! Come and join our amazing ping pong tournaments or badass parties!

Our residents

I want to come and see coworking

IMAGURU Startup HUB – пространство для комфортной работы…


Работаете дома? Не можете справиться с низкой продуктивностью или испытываете недостаток коммуникаций? Не хотите ограничиваться 4-мя стенами? Вам давно пора перебираться в коворкинг: удобная площадка, сообщество единомышленников, атмосфера сотрудничества и готовность любого резидента дать обратную связь. Коворкинг  IMAGURU включает высокоскоростной…

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Правила съёма. Елена Дроздова о фишках YouTube и…


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All interviews with our residents.

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Affiliate programs for our residents


Raikiri company provides professional accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses. For "IMAGURU" residents there is a 20% discount on accounting services. +375 17 286 33 88  +375 29 146 66 90

Affiliate programs for our residents

Делай дело

"Делай Свое Дело" - единственный в Беларуси бухгалтерский сервис, который работает на основе современной программы бухгалтерского учета и помогает клиентам развивать свой бизнес, не отвлекаясь на бухгалтерию. Для резидентов "IMAGURU" скидка на бухгалтерское обслуживание 20%.

Affiliate programs for our residents

Mr. Kebab

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Восточная кухня Донер кебабы от 8.5руб за 540 гр: 2 вида Кебаб-боксы от 10руб за 550 гр: 3 вида Дополнительно: гарниры, десерты, соусы, напитки Скидка 10% при заказе в IMAGURU

Affiliate programs for our residents


Delivery of hot food at a discount. American cuisine: chicken wings, burgers, hot appetizers, pasta, soups, salads, desserts, side dishes.

Affiliate programs for our residents


Discount to IMAGURU residents. Pan-Asian cuisine: wok, sushi, soups, salads, kebabs, side dishes.

Affiliate programs for our residents


10% Discount when ordering in IMAGURU The first vegan fast food in Belarus
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