Blockchain School started the 4th time in Imaguru Startup Hub and  gathered 70 blockhain-enthusiastic people, who wants to get actual knowledge about popular technologies and to use them in future.

Imaguru Blockchain School is the educational 30-days intensive, consisted of the overview of the main blockchain and how to work with them, and also programming. The format suggest everyday meetings school students with experts, who create blockchain platforms and work with blockchain products. Our experts are top-international blockchain practices and recently Imaguru Blockchain School graduations, who launched their successful projects and now are ready to share their knowledge. The name of our speakers are Anton Kulichkin, startup DEIP and, Exonum, Alexandr Krupenkin from AIR Lab, Mihail Voevodsky from Emercoin, CEO СyberFund Marina Gureva and other experts.

The General sponsor of Imaguru Blockchain School is Pixelplex company – the leading provider of blockchain solutions since 2013. Also the partner of the School is CyberFund company.

Classes at the School are free for those who left the application and passed the pre-selection. The main criterion for participation was a reasoned motivation letter, which helped to identify truly interested in training people. The number of pupils of Imaguru Blockchain School includes mainly those who work in the field of IT and already has had an idea for a blockchain startup, but doesn’t have the appropriate knowledge for its implementation.

The School pays great attention not only to blockchain programming, but also to legal aspects of crypto-security. Special emphasis is placed on the idea generation: the creators of Blockchain School want to encourage students to launch their own projects, to unite in a community of like-minded people, because in each season a lot of successful and unique startups comes out from the School. By the way, future graduates of Imaguru Blockchain School will be able to apply the knowledge gained during the training to the blockchain hackathon, which will be in Imaguru on October 5-7.


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