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A space where a fun environment and active community generates new ideas and innovation

Our space

Located in the very center of Minsk (5 minutes walk from Independence Square and Central Train station), IMAGURU campus is built upon two core ideas: entrepreneurship and technology.

A space where a fun environment and active community generates new ideas and innovation. You'll dig it!

Our mission

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to change the world. We believe that given the right tools and resources people will do extraordinary things. For this reason we work tirelessly to support our international community of entrepreneurs, developers, and tech leaders. Our mission compels us to provide an exceptional platform of knowledge sharing. A place where innovation, self-determination, and a commitment to change the world ideas, is valued and nurtured.

Our name

The word "guru" is a term for "teacher" or "master". The guru is a respected individual who posses a vast wealth of knowledge. They inspire others, acquire followers, and often wear several hats. Master. Mentor. Advisor. Rest assured, our mentors are trained gurus who will teach you the ways of coding and entrepreneurship mastery. They will inspire you to believe that impossible is nothing.


IMAGURU created a unique atmosphere for communication among successful entrepreneurs, experts and investors. Here entrepreneurs are trained the unique for Belarus and the most world popular themes and programs in TechMinsk for startups, Design thinking for corporations, TeenGuru for students, Imaguru Coding Academy for future programmers with the participation of teachers and experts from Belarus and the world.

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TeenGuru Business Academy

We teach only valuable things, providing knowledge and skills that will help students to start and develop their business. We inspire and show how the business works. How to draw marketing plan, considering finances, work in team, sell and negotiate. How to overcome fears, speak in public, evolve and move forward!

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Coding Academy

IMAGURU Coding Academy - intensive IT courses in the following areas: website development, mobile development, software testing, project management, business analysis, programming, computer graphics, database.It is innovative teaching methods and a combination of coaches, practitioners and the best teachers, mentor learning system.

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TechMinsk is the first International Entrepreneurship School in Belarus. TechMinsk prepares the next generation of global entrepreneurs and changemakers from Eastern Europe and help them build fast-growing companies and go globally

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Design Thinking

The course will teach the mindset and the basic techniques that will help to establish contact with people, identify problems and opportunities, find solutions, create prototypes and test ideas, to understand what works and what doesn't

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Our history

Imaguru opened in November 2013 in Minsk. The idea of a club was very well accepted by the business community and Imaguru soon became one of the most popular places to meet business professionals, startups and investors. In 2015, we launched a program of teaching entrepreneurship TeenGuru. In 2016, we opened Coding Academy Imaguru where the basics of programming can be learn. In the fall of 2016 in Imaguru opened a laboratory of design thinking.

Our lingo

Imaguru visit per month 8000+ people, there are more than 100 coworkers and every day there are various business events. A chance to meet with people who can help you, is very high. If you are in Imaguru, there probably a lot of pleasant surprises are going to happen, which will open up still unknown opportunities and horizons for development.

Success stories

MSQRD was founded at a hackaton at IMAGURU

The success story of MSQRD brought glory to the country from the world start-up community, attracted the attention of key experts and leaders of the world startup movement. Today MSQRD is №1 app in more than 10 countries around the world, and it is used by over 35 million people. A Team of successful entrepreneurs was formed in late November at Imaguru where a promising project MSQRD won Garage48 Hackathon.Learn more

Success stories

IMAGURU is an epic start point for TrackDuck

TruckDuck is SaaS that allows users to visually comments on "real" websites and images. IMAGURU was a great start for a team of Eddy Balcikonis, Evgeny Ivashkevich and Anton Shevchenko, who met at a hackathon in 2013. Today TruckDuck is a successful Belarusian-Lithuanian startup. The President of Lithuania Ms. Dalia Grybauskaite has mentioned TruckDuck among the best startups in Europe at the opening of the International Conference Login.Learn more

Success stories

PandaDoc Team among best TechMinsk Alumni

PandaDoc is a legendary startup founded by Belarusians Mikita Mikado and Sergei Borisyuk. Service for managing digital docs and signatures PandaDoc has attracted more than 6 million dollars of investment in Silicon Valley. Both cofounders are among most favorite speakers at events in Imaguru, and mentors for Imaguru residents. PandaDoc team members graduated from TechMinsk Accelerator.Learn more

Success stories

Infogr.am among Belbiz Battle winners

International startup competition Belbiz Battle is organized every year during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Startups from over 15 countries have ever participated in it, and there were such leaders of the global startup movement as Marvin Liao (500 Startups), Hrish Lotlikar (Startup Labs), Tak Lo (TechStars), Rick Rasmussen (Concordia Ventures), Burton Lee (Stanford University) among the jury members. Legendary startup from Latvia Infogr.am was among Belbiz Battle runner-ups in 2013.Learn more

For whom?

Firstly, for business of tomorrow- fast-growing companies, technology projects, aimed on entering the global market. In general, for those who are in dire need of the right atmosphere necessary for productive work. Meetings with mentors and investors, participation in competitions, hackathons, bootcamp interviews with leaders of successful startups from Europe, with speakers from the US and Europe will help you to run out project effectively


For programmers

For programmers Imaguru holds meetings on various subjects, organizes master classes, helps to find a client and even gives an opportunity. Hackathons in Imaguru are widely known in Belarus by the quality of mentors, participation of international teams and a great atmosphere of mutual support and creativity


For optimists

Visitor IMAGURU – the optimist who knows that there are no promising projects. The business world is changing rapidly and in few years any of us can become a billionaire, the only thing you need is the push of the right strength - not too weak but not very strong (growing into a kick that activates all desire to work)

Our team

 We are a team of active and ambitious young people who set themselves big goals and are not afraid of difficulties for their implementation. We are individuals with different skills and talents – the entrepreneurs, organizers, designers, programmers and marketers. We consolidate outstanding individuals who are willing to cooperate with each other to make IMAGURU comfortable, interesting and active site.

IMAGURU team lives by the ideas and struggles to change the world for the better, join us and become closer to achieving your dreams.

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