Белорусское государство закрывает главный стартап-хаб страны, Imaguru Startup HUB

Холдинг "Горизонт" расторгает договор аренды в одностороннем порядке без объяснения причин, комментируя ситуацию как приказ свыше. Государство закрывает Имагуру в Минске, площадку свободно мыслящих инновационных предпринимателей, место рождения огромного количества стартапов, главный стартап-хаб Беларуси и ворота страны для международных венчурных инвесторов


26- 30 April 2021, Imaguru Startup Hub will organize "ECO-hackathon" with the support of Nordic Council of Ministers.

Imaguru Startup LAB Online 2 поток приглашает присоединиться

В марте стартует 12-недельная группа начинающих стартапов, которые хотят получить новые знания.

Belarus Startups 2020

Belarusian startups have matured, expanded the geography of sales, and began to attract more investments. But the political events of 2020 jeopardized the further development of the startup ecosystem in Belarus. These are the findings of a study conducted by the Belbiz group of companies.


Check out the calendar for online events that will connect you to the tech and entrepreneurship community and inspire your next big idea

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TeenGuru Business Academy

TeenGuru is a Business Academy for teenagers that teaches only useful things. We give knowledge and skills that will help you start and develop your business. We inspire and show how real business works


Imaguru Startup LAB Online

Imaguru Startup LAB is not yet another educational course for study. This is a knowledge based platform from practitioners and founders, an updated toolkit for startups and a community of like-minded people, mentors, and investors. Imaguru Startup LAB is an ecosystem for a startup growth based on Imaguru experience.

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Imaguru Startup LAB

Only think to enter in IT and do not know what is right for you? Come to our preevent and determined. And if you already know what you want to do - choose a course and start to build a new future together with IMAGURU

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Design Thinking

The course will teach the mindset and the basic techniques that will help to establish contact with people, identify problems and opportunities, find solutions, create prototypes and test ideas, to understand what works and what doesn't

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TeenGuru Business Academy

We help young people to identify their passions and pursue them without hesitation. We nurture their unconventional talents and skills so important for becoming entrepreneur. TeenGuru alumni are ready to complete the variety of tasks necessary in starting companies

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