Big Data Days with БПС-Сбербанк

20-22 марта 2020 наш хаб наполнится горящими глазами, свежими идеями ярких и амбициозных хакатонщиков, ведь дататон “Big Data Days with БПС-Сбербанк” невозможно пропустить. Ты с нами?

Women Hack: от идеи до реализации

Если у тебя есть идея, которая сделает жизнь людей лучше, но ты не знаешь, как ее реализовать, — в преддверии чудесного женского праздника, мы решили подарить тебе возможность сделать первые шаги к своей мечте - 4 марта, DoubleeTree Hilton.


Check out the Guru-worthy calendar for events that will connect you to the tech and entrepreneurship community and inspire your next big idea

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Whether you choose a flex-desk or fixed-desk arrangement, coworking with IMAGURU means you will have everything you need for success right at your fingerprints. Your team will enjoy a comfortable workstation, zippy internet, abundant office supplies, awesome events, and so much more!

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Residency at Imaguru is not only an excellent opportunity to work for your startup comfortably, but also to get access to the best mentors and investors from Belarus, Europe and Silicon Valley. Only here you’ll dive into the unique atmosphere of startup development support, which will help your startup to become a new success story of the Global IT Market.

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Meeting room

Up to 10 people

30 BYN/hour

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Conference hall

Up to 60 people

80 BYN/hour

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Training room

Up to 30 people

60 BYN/hour

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Design Thinking

The course will teach the mindset and the basic techniques that will help to establish contact with people, identify problems and opportunities, find solutions, create prototypes and test ideas, to understand what works and what doesn't

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TeenGuru Business Academy

We help young people to identify their passions and pursue them without hesitation. We nurture their unconventional talents and skills so important for becoming entrepreneur. TeenGuru alumni are ready to complete the variety of tasks necessary in starting companies

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Coding Academy

Only think to enter in IT and do not know what is right for you? Come to our preevent and determined. And if you already know what you want to do - choose a course and start to build a new future together with IMAGURU

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Success stories

MSQRD was founded at a hackaton at IMAGURU

The success story of MSQRD brought glory to the country from the world start-up community, attracted the attention of key experts and leaders of the world startup movement. Today MSQRD is №1 app in more than 10 countries around the world, and it is used by over 35 million people. A Team of successful entrepreneurs was formed in late November at Imaguru where a promising project MSQRD won Garage48 Hackathon.Learn more

Success stories

IMAGURU is an epic start point for TrackDuck

TruckDuck is SaaS that allows users to visually comments on "real" websites and images. IMAGURU was a great start for a team of Eddy Balcikonis, Evgeny Ivashkevich and Anton Shevchenko, who met at a hackathon in 2013. Today TruckDuck is a successful Belarusian-Lithuanian startup. The President of Lithuania Ms. Dalia Grybauskaite has mentioned TruckDuck among the best startups in Europe at the opening of the International Conference Login.Learn more

Success stories

PandaDoc Team among best TechMinsk Alumni

PandaDoc is a legendary startup founded by Belarusians Mikita Mikado and Sergei Borisyuk. Service for managing digital docs and signatures PandaDoc has attracted more than 6 million dollars of investment in Silicon Valley. Both cofounders are among most favorite speakers at events in Imaguru, and mentors for Imaguru residents. PandaDoc team members graduated from TechMinsk Accelerator.Learn more

Success stories among Belbiz Battle winners

International startup competition Belbiz Battle is organized every year during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Startups from over 15 countries have ever participated in it, and there were such leaders of the global startup movement as Marvin Liao (500 Startups), Hrish Lotlikar (Startup Labs), Tak Lo (TechStars), Rick Rasmussen (Concordia Ventures), Burton Lee (Stanford University) among the jury members. Legendary startup from Latvia was among Belbiz Battle runner-ups in 2013.Learn more

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