Imaguru Startup HUB offers support to Belarus violence victims and to their families

Nowadays we can't stand apart and join many talented Belarusians and companies in the initiatives to help the victims and their families in Belarus. We are launching a number of initiatives to provide technical and expert support and call for assistance. Join our efforts!

Statement by Imaguru about the current situation in Belarus

Мы заботимся о вас и вашем здоровье

Благодаря нашей специальной санитарной программе, вы можете работать комфортно и безопасно в нашем коворкинге

Imaguru поможет вам перейти в онлайн!

Хотите оставаться актуальными, следить за трендами и работать безопасно? Пора переходить в онлайн-формат! Imaguru поможет вам записать подкасты, провести переговоры, организовать вебинары и записать любой контент. Для этого мы предоставим небольшие переговорные и площадки для съемок со всей необходимой инфраструктурой. А главное - поможем технически: предоставим камеры, микрофоны, специалиста и всю необходимую аппаратуру.


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    Imaguru Smart Coworking. Secured, Smart and Effective

    A secured safe alternative to your remote workplace. Imaguru is the largest coworking space in Minsk, and we can offer smart, comfortable, quiet isolated workplace. This is still a coworking providing an opportunity for distancing

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    Imaguru Startup LAB Online

    Imaguru Startup LAB is not yet another educational course for study. This is a knowledge based platform from practitioners and founders, an updated toolkit for startups and a community of like-minded people, mentors, and investors. Imaguru Startup LAB is an ecosystem for a startup growth based on Imaguru experience.

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    New York

    Conference hall

    Up to 300 people

    240 BYN/hour

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    Conference hall

    Up to 60 people

    100 BYN/hour

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    Meeting room

    Up to 8 people


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    Design Thinking

    The course will teach the mindset and the basic techniques that will help to establish contact with people, identify problems and opportunities, find solutions, create prototypes and test ideas, to understand what works and what doesn't

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    TeenGuru Business Academy

    We help young people to identify their passions and pursue them without hesitation. We nurture their unconventional talents and skills so important for becoming entrepreneur. TeenGuru alumni are ready to complete the variety of tasks necessary in starting companies

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    Coding Academy

    Only think to enter in IT and do not know what is right for you? Come to our preevent and determined. And if you already know what you want to do - choose a course and start to build a new future together with IMAGURU

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