For years Startup.Network has been connecting promising Startups with Venture Funds Members and
Angel Investors with the help of conducting Unicorn Battles (former Startup Battles).
We are so happy to help entrepreneurs in showing their achievements to the investment
community and wide audience.
This fall we will conduct three Unicorn Battles in California:
● 155 Unicorn Battle in San Francisco on September 26th
● 156 Unicorn Battle in Silicon Valley on October 1st
● 157 Unicorn Battle in Los Angeles on October 10th
If you are building a successful startup, take your chance to:
● present your startup to the investment community and a wide audience;
● raise money from venture funds and private investors;
● acquire practical advice from experienced venture capital professionals;
● find partners and clients, expand your network;
● gain new insight, for sure our super involved audience will push you for new updates.
Register on the event page chose the role Startup and fill in your Startup Application. We will
email you with feedback.
Join us as a Guest to:
● learn how to invest in startups;
● meet promising startups;
● learn how to pitch to investors;
● learn how to start a startup;
● become a part of the startup community.
Get your Guest Ticket on Eventbrite:

● 155 Unicorn Battle in San Francisco, September 26
● 156 Unicorn Battle in Silicon Valley, October 1
● 157 Unicorn Battle in Los Angeles, October 10

Here is one of the testimonials from our attendees: “The main thing I would like to share is the event
went beyond our expectations. We met a few potential investors and made very valuable connections
during networking. After 1 month we are still in connection with the attendees of that Startup Battle.
We are working on the Third Opinion Care development together. We will definitely consider
participating in the next events organized by the same team.” — Anna Mesheryakova, CEO at Third
Opinion Care, the winner of 144 Startup Battle, San Francisco.
To be in touch, please, join us on Meetup

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