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Masterclass: Money Laundering 101: fundamentals and what’s beyond the dirty money?

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Have you ever caught yourself reading about high-profile money laundering cases and wondering „but how this actually affects me personally“?
The impact of money laundering is not obvious in our daily lives. Unfortunately, it may have devastating effects on you, your family, or your friends. It is therefore critical that all of us stand up together in the fight against financial crime.

Masterclass: Triple Top Line Workshop: Practical steps to design a business for positive impact

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Triple Top Line thinking entails a visionary and forward-looking approach that helps businesses to create, understand and measure their positive impact. During this workshop, participants will learn practical steps to build a successful startup that integrates all three elements of the Triple Top Line – People, Planet and Profit – into their business goals, in order to be more competitive in their market, innovate with sustainability, and create a positive impact on communities.

Masterclass: KISS is the way to pitch* (Keep It Simple Stupid)

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Pitching may seem as a very difficult thing to do. On one hand - there’s so much you want to say. On the other hand - it’s only a few minutes, how to stick to everything that can make you a winning team. During the webinar Andrius will disclose what is the standard pitch structure, what do investors expect to hear and see. And how should you pitch in the hackathon finals?

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